Segunda Época: the shop

Segunda Época opened in Malaga in 1998. I chose this name in honour of my parents, who had run an antiques shop on the very same premises in the open, tree-lined Avenida de Príes. The name “Segunda Época” refers to a second stage or second life, as it were. As a child, after school, I would spend whole afternoons among antiques and all the beautiful things in that family shop. I believe it was at that time, in those wonderful afternoons, that, in that intuitive way children have, I decided this would be my future.

The current shop is a reflection of everything I love: antique-looking furniture, most of which I have painted myself; revisited colours; flowery fabrics in classic designs but updated in a contemporary style; paper painted with birds and Chinoiserie decoration, hand-made screens with delicate fabrics and trimmings… Designs that only grow in beauty, presence and personality with the passing of time.

Personalised projects

Just as the items in the shop have a personal touch, we also offer personalised decoration and interior design projects to meet clients’ specific tastes and requirements. In these cases, we offer a professional décor management service, which covers the entire process from the moment we meet and make the first decisions, up to the moment everything is completed just as we had imagined… or better. Our experience and our clients’ enthusiastic comments when they see the decorated space, tell us that the finished project is just the beginning, the space is about to be lived in and become a timeless source of happiness. As one client told us, “living in a Segunda Época home is inspiring”.


Of course, after many years dealing with a large variety of professionals, we have come to work only with those national and international suppliers who we trust completely and who are 100% reliable, and we have done so for nearly twenty years now: Becara, Hanbel, Cole & Son, Sanderson, Gancedo, Yutes, Romo, Clarke and Clarke, Thai Natura, Cabbages and Roses, Durance, Coordonné, Guell Lamadrid, Cote Table, Sandberg, Elanbach, James Malone, Thibault, Pinturas El Taller…

Beauty, presence and personality