A taste for living space

Thirty five years ago, with my Law degree almost under my belt, I discovered that what I loved most was decoration, so I decided to follow my heart and start working towards what I knew then would go on to be my professional future. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before I got my first assignments. I did a few projects for Paradores del Estado (the network of Spanish paradors) and other hotels, recycling and painting furniture that had become a bit outdated. And for me, giving old furniture new life (which may not initially appear to be particularly important) ended up becoming a crucial part of my work.

Everything gets a second chance in the world of decoration

Throughout my years as a professional interior decorator, with such good results, I have learned that, in the world of decoration, everything gets a second chance. You can find really beautiful objects hidden away behind the passing of time. The typically English attitude of restoring and not throwing things away “just because”, led me to visit England, a country which has had a powerful influence on my style, and to which I return regularly in search of inspiration. In England I have found everything I like: interior designers, landscapers, painters, architects, paper and fabric manufacturers…